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This bit of a boring one no doubt but please bare with me.
windhager pellet boiler 26kw with s plan controls inside a boiler room
regomat blending valve on back boiler simular to the laddomat fitted to pump control on boilet
800 lt buffer tank linked to 500lt dhw tank
jgufh1 wiring centres one up one down
presently boiler fires up from boiler enable from wiring centres when thermostats call

I want the boiler to fire up when the buffer needs charging not when heating keeps calling
any ideas ?
do i disconect the boiler from boiler enable
install a two port valve and a cylinder stat into a new wiring centre connect boiler up to wiring centre so it works independant to the ufh,or could i connect the boiler control cable straight to a cylinder stat on the buffer ?
any ideas please peter


Gas Engineer
Call for heat should run pumps only. Pellet boiler should fire on demand via buffer temp sensors. Not familiar with Windhager wiring but I wouldn't use a call for heat at all.
Cheers nostrum
Do you think i could wire the boiler control lead into a cylinder stat on the buffer,this would make the boiler completely independant from ufh.or is this a no go?
I have a lead from the windhager.two connectors one got pump written on it and the other has a room control written on the connector inside the connector there is sw/live ,perm live ,neutral,and earth.


Windhager exclusive 26
Its 2008 model
I installed it two weeks ago,
So no DomRHI then :)

I would control the pellet boiler from the buffer.

What temperature pockets / sockets or spare tappings does the buffer tank have? What size and where are they? 2 or 4 port buffer configuration?

I wouldn't control the boiler from the heating system - the call for heat from the heating system just switches on the heating system circulations pump(s), so treats the buffer as the heat source.

The boiler then considers the buffer as its load.

We like to have at least three electronic temperature sensors on the buffer, though it's easy enough to set up a two probe system with a hysteresis controller that sends a call for heat to the boiler. You can pick a fully programmable one up with sensors for less than £100. (Most modern pellett boilers have those kind of controls built in)
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I have two pockets one side and two pockect on the opposite side same heights mirroring each other,the hysteresis controller what makes are there ?


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I can't find a manual for this boiler which sets out the electrical connections.

The boiler should accept temperature sensors (PT1000 or similar) which can be set for top and bottom. The Windhager should have all this built in as its an advanced piece of kit.
Thanks worcester i contacted windhager they said excactly what you said and kind enough told me about a german electronic sensor two probe sensor controller which i have ordered thats cheaper than there branded one like you said just under the 100 ,have you any idea what temperature i should set top and bottom sensors?
Thanks for your advice just got wire it up when rocks up now
Link ?
There is a electric controller connection from the boiler that they said i can connect to with a live neutral and switch live and earth,


Gas Engineer
Sorry I mean a web link to wherever you bought it from so I can have a look, future reference etc


Most solar controllers have several functions and are widely available in the UK. One being cylinder loading via solid fuel.
The STDC which is available in 4 versions is about a £100 quid. Three PT1000 sensor inputs and PWM 0-10v relay for speed control of high efficiency pumps.
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Navitron sell the STDC range of controllers.

Theres almost 40 models in total. The most expensive being around £400 for multiple cylinders and other functions.


I have two pockets one side and two pockect on the opposite side same heights mirroring each other,the hysteresis controller what makes are there ?
Keep in mind if your pellet boiler is sized accordingly you can use standard 240v stats with phials and latching relays and the buffer will charge fully from a space heating demand even if the demand ceases in a few minutes.
It just means the buffer is only fully charged automatically within the allocated times of your heating programmer schedule.
Not running 24/7 losing heat for a past time.
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Thanks reply windhager replied with option was a htronic 2125 thermistor twin sensor which i bought german made and the majority the instructions are german tho so struggling at the moment with connected it up ,i have live neutral and sw live from boiler ,inside the htronic got live neutral connection and relay but im not sure if i got bring a link over from the live,on the relay i got three connections one is closed ,one open,and middle is changer htronic have a technical but limited english
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