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I went to check the filter on my oil tank (plastic, bunded, 1300l)which I fitted two years ago. 5000l of oil had been used with no problems to date but I thought I'd check since the tank was filled last week.
I thought when I fitted the filter supplied with the tank that it was a poor design of seal on the bowl...

Screenshot from 2019-09-19 12-13-54.png
Sure as eggs is eggs, after checking the filter (clean as a whistle) I could not get the bowl to seal on refitting. Luckily I had one square section O ring in my garage (never throw ANYTHING away is the motto) which did the job, but I have no idea whether this is a nitrile seal or not, so it may not last.
Where can I find the square section O rings needed for these filters? I can't find anything to date from the tank suppliers I've tried & Simply Bearings & other sites I know of don't list square section seals. Are these available from plumber's merchants (e.g City Plumbing which I've used locally since they used to be Kennedy's!)
or do I need to buy some square section Nitrile or Viton & make my own?


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