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We've had a problem now for several weeks which is becoming worse. We would appreciate some advice on the way forward given this difficult time when we are in isolation due to chronic ill health.

Several weeks ago, on switching on the kitchen cold tap, we began to get an odd noise that seemed to be coming from the pipe work. At the time, a handyman was in the house doing some work in the kitchen and he altered the amount of water coming through the cold tap, by lowering the water pressure. Although this did not prevent the problem, it was certainly less worse for a few days. However, the problem did persist and then we began to notice that the tap would drip uncontrollably. We would have to turn the hot and cold tops on and off until it stopped dripping. Although the problem was irritating it wasn't bad.

For the last two weeks however the problem has got significantly worse. Whenever you turn the cold water tap on in the kitchen there is a most horrendous noise coming from the pipes. The same noise occurs when you switch on the washer or dishwasher. You can alleviate the noise by turning on the hot water tap. You don't need to leave the hot water tap on , just release some water and then close the tap off again and the noise resolves. The problem is also happening now when we use the taps in the bathroom, the shower and also flush the toilet .

It's difficult to describe the noise well, but it is almost like a shudder in the pipe work. We have not made any adjustments to the stop tap which is located in the bathroom. We have looked at it, and in all honesty because it is very old and look somewhat delicate I would be very nervous of touching it without a qualified plumber in the house !

We have tried looking the problem up online. There were suggestions that it could be air in the pipes. So we have put all of the taps on in the kitchen and bathroom, left them running for a few minutes but to no avail.

Any help or advice people can give would be most gratefully received!

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