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Hi all, I have a wallstar combi oil fired boiler. We got low on oil a couple of weeks ago but didn't run out. Since we've had our oil delivered the boiler won't fire up when hot taps are turned on so no hot water. The boiler fires up periodically to heat water but not when we turn on taps. I haven't tried the heating yet as it's been too hot. When I put the switch on the external mounted part of the boiler to 'test' the heating and hot water work fine. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks Simon. Is there a way to test that, if I were to turn the heating on and we get heat Is that a likely sign that its the diverted or is that pointless as it could be a number of other issues? Do you know how long it would take to fit a diverter? I wouldn't necessarily do it myself but don't want to be paying over the odds.
Costs vary from company to company and locations across the country, how long a job takes doesn’t necessarily mean a higher cost. Did your hot water work previously I take it?
Yes everything worked fine before. Is there a reason why it all functions fine on the test mode? Well it would sometimes lock out and we'd have to press the limit reset button on the main part of the boiler.

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