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Helping to audit an electric-only house with ASHps -NIBE kit installed into the new house in 2012.
2 ASHPs outside -each F2015.

I put on some monitoring of their electrical usage -each takes 40W night and day 24/7. It's August so they are off 99% of the time: but when off, still use 40W!
40W 24/7 is £50-£100 per year ( at today's / next months';s prices )

Q1 - has anyone ever measured the standby power of an ASHP ?
Q2 Do modern ASHPs also have such high standby power?
- (Domestic appliances( eg TVs) by law must be < 1W standby - but maybe that law does not apply to ASHPs.... or maybe these units are older than that law?)

PS - I use the Shelly.cloud devices to monitor current in the fusebox - really nice, and low cost system. 247 graphs of electricity usage - excellent for trouble-shooting. They use Current transformers -so are NOT in series with any loads. One device and 2 CTs is £60 - one off. No monthly fee; and a handy App to monitor remotely (assuming you can get wifi inside your fusebox)
Tbh 40w is nothing by the time you talk of the brains and displays and a pump cycling
Thanks for replying - have you ever measured external heat pump boxes? Would be interesting to know the newest devices consume.
You're right - it's not a huge number.

It's 40W per external heat pump box- so 80W for the install I'm helping with.
That's like leaving LED 20 lights on in the house - 24/7 !

~ £120 per year.
Every year

Enough to justify perhaps an upgrade to a newer PCB board in each one, maybe?
There about the same depending on make / manufacturer anywhere from 36w-100w as there always monitoring / sensors
There about the same depending on make / manufacturer anywhere from 36w-100w as there always monitoring / sensors
Thanks that's useful - where did you read those values?

always monitoring / sensors

Except... in Summer Mode - one of the Pumps will NEVER come on (except if for anti-frost reasons - or maybe to fire up once a week to stop it seizing).

It's poor design to need 40W - even with sensors - modern electronics needs very small power - look at all the RING/ NEST/eEvohome etc sensors that are battery powered and the batteries last months/years. they are down in milli-watts!
Manufacturer instructions

You will find the brain will be mains but the sender / receiver (eg dumb ) will be battery

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