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I am in the process of renovating my house and I now have to choose the UFH system/components. I am doing everything by myself, I am on a tight budget and i have never done one before. I have gone through several manufacturer website, installation guides but I can't figure out which manifold, pipes, actuators and pump would be best or which to avoid.

I don't mind buying the whole lot from one source or each components from different sources as long as they are compatible and of a decent quality.

Some more info:
-UFH on whole house (no radiators except towel rails), 65mm screed on 120mm insulation on ground floor, 25mm screed between joist on 1st floor.
-7 zone on ground floor, 8 zone on 1st floor
- I already have 12 Heatmiser Slimline-N - 12v thermostat, I guess they are only compatible with the UH8-N wiring centre.

My best guess:
Pipe type: 16mm Pert/Al/Pert
Manifold, pump and blending valve: Pre-assembled block?
Actuator: not sure which (230v or 24v) are compatible with UH8-N wiring center

Any advice is really appreciated.


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Why don't you source the products from one of our sponsors?
Down the right hand side >>>>

No point in mix-matching to save some dough.
There will be an issue in the future that will not be covered by either manufacturer due to mix-matching of pipe, manifolds & fittings.

king of pipes

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Maincor would be my choice they do the full package from design to supplying all the components, not a big fan of UFH on a joisted first floor i find radiators more controllable its good to be able to get away from heat under your feet the floor area not coverd by furniture, beds and carpets makes it pointless heat rises so the upper floor will get warmth from the lower but each to there own . cheers kop


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Definitely uheat recommended. Perhaps you could avoid screeding and raise the floor about 18-25mm maximum. You could also use the low profile gypsum system which is an awesome product. It comes as a kit specifically to the meter square you require. You will get gypsum boards, pipework, manifold etc . you could lay the gypsum boards down on adhesive or screw them down put the pipework in the groove and either tile onto it or put first a small tiny coat of self levelling compound and then start tiling or laminating. Remember you will lose quite a bit of heat on wooden floors ( I believe it was about 26watts per meter square) , best floor finishes would be stone finish or tiles. The heat will stay much longer in the floor than in wood.

Give them a call and ask some your questions. You could speak to wojtek or Jake / highly recommended.

Uheat – Jake

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Thank you for the recommendations, it's much appreciated.

We'd be able to put together a system suitable to your project and specs, however I'd need to know a bit more information about what levels we have and what's left to play with in terms of height. Please feel free to give me a call on 01394 593305.
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