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Hi everyone,

I'm renovation my own house, and I'm just moving on to the bathroom.

I've realised that the soil pipe is too low, the bottom of it being only a couple of cm off the floor, whereas the bottom of the toilet pan waste is around 14cm from the floor.

I've tried using a 60mm offset pan connector, which just doesn't drop low enough.
Also used a flexible pan connector, which does work, but means the toilet is in the middle of the bathroom as I can't push it up against the wall as the angle will be too much for the flexi!

Any advice on what I could do, or use instead?

Obviously raising the stack is the best solution, but will require considerable work at this point.

See picture below:

Thank you!
@cjg - It was a while ago I ripped it out, so can't remember exactly. But it was a cast iron stack originally. 100mm rather than 110 if I remember correctly, the pan sat lower too.

I put in the new stack, so it's my fault that I didn't check it properly at the time... Learning the hard way I guess!
uuuuuum, looks like you going to ajust the top end of stack, remember to have a fall on your incoming pipe, that one looks to level, it only requires alittle .
good luck matey,
Yeah there is a small fall on it, the fitting on the stack has a fall built in. Cheers for the advice though đź‘Ť

Wondering now if I might get away with a 90° pan connector, cut down, and then a 110mm 90° fitting off the bottom of that... Not going to be the prettiest or best for flow, but might work.
No, that won’t be any good.

Surely it’s best to raise the outlet on the stack, if you’ve built the stack presumably you can do it.

Now is not the time to cut corners, 1/2 a day now and no future problems - or regret it later.
I’m sure you know this and sorry, no one on here will validate your short cut!

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