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Hi all

My sister is in the process of getting quotes for the installation of an oil central heating system (rural Cornwall) in an old house where none currently exists. For obvious reasons she is having trouble getting anyone out to quote at the moment apart from one local contractor. He has provided a quote and has recommended a Navien oil boiler which is a brand I haven't come across before. My advice to her was to go for a Worcester as this is generally recognised as one of the best brands. The guy mentioned that there have been problems with the 'intelligent system' on Worcester oil boilers which go faulty (gas are ok apparently) and also issues with the PCB. Would appreciate views on Navien oil boilers and any knowledge of the two issues mentioned around Worcester oil boilers.

Many thanks.
Navien are good boilers from what I've read (never worked on one and I don't install). Their two stage burner design offer high and low fire rates with suitable control systems to match.
Worcester oil boilers take a lot of their components from their gas cousins, as you mentioned above often comes with problems on their PCB and wiring.


Advent Win
Worcester used to be one of the best brands. Wouldn't go near them for a new install.

No experience with the Navien boilers.

My preference would be a Hounsfield heat only boiler and an unvented hot water system, subject to water pressures and flow.

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