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Can anyone recommend a decent multi meter, preferably under a 100 pounds. It's for checking boiler components so I don't need a top spec one ....just easy to use and reliable.

The fluke 115 looks good but its above my budget. My current socket and see one was great but it's developed a fault.
If you are planning to use the meter on mains voltages I'd stick with well-known brands and prefer high safety categories. If you haven't done so already, consider the Megger AVO410 Digital Multimeter. It's around £150 if you shop around but seems a good match to your needs.
Just component testing, voltage, resistance and continuity. I can't really afford the Fluke...even though it's one of the better ones

Check out the uni one in the link
Fluke 116 for me. It has all you need as a heating engineer and well worth the money. I know it is more than you want to spend but compared to others I have had, I wouldn't think twice about buying another if it broke.
The Fluke 116 tests for micro amps, which is needed for testing Flame rods
There is a combination kit Fluke 116 / 323.
That what I have, expensive, but it does everything you need.

It was designed / made for the HVAC industry.

If you don't want that kit, look for anything that tests Micro Amps, you will need it from time to time

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