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I got a Ariston clas he 30 boiler fitted n have to say can’t compldin reallynefficient great hot water pressure from it standard 5 year warranty with additional 8-10 year add on and not at the higher end of budget, didn’t get great reviews but spoke to a guy who’s business is sub contracted to fix them forcwardanty n said they are decent they have cake a long way and had a bad name for a while but areddcent not sure you guys thoughts on that to be fair I know all fitters have their faves another guy a know swears by bosh etc it was just a thought on what the community thinks
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BG as far as I had heard I don’t think it’s done or anything just heard that it was something they were looking into along with the others that BG fit
Weirdly enough they do have loads of Ariston on their system but not my model they have the 24 but not the 30 again strange reason I know I stupidly tried to join the plan not realising the Ariston boiler warranty was as good to be fair n then BG Guy came out n says sorry it’s not on the system that we cover that model but 9 pages of other Ariston boilers lol will never work them out and what qualifies n what doesn’t
WB 42CDi - I like it. Simple to operate (2 knobs for DHW and CH temperatures), fast and quiet. Looks neatly laid inside (I hung around whilst my favourite GasSafe chap installed it).

Good clear installation instructions (I'm not GasSafe and wouldn't touch gas obviously - but I did read first so I had some idea of flue constraints to work out possible installation locations plus requirements for the electrics which I provided). The manual has good clear data too, like maximum system volumes, which we exceeded, so needed to factor in a secondary expansion vessel. WB are also very good on the phone, and are happy to clarify data even to an end user like me.


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Any pics of the installations?
Name a bunch of boiler makes for me and I'll make a poll so we can see which ones get installed the most.
The latest figures we have ...for 2017 are that ideal is the most popular with over 30,000 installed per month ..right up to date figures cost £1000+ to subscribe. Rob Foster aka centralheatking
That's a fair few boilers Rob Foster
we dont count them , its commercially available info which large companies use
we are relatively small and only design produce and market devices to add on, like the 3 mag filters we did ages ago and the MFd from flowflex ..which is to be launched 2019 as TopUpMate. we have done others and have 3 more soon
Rob Foster aka centralheatking

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