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According to one site, these should be fitted. But my recently fitted system, by professional/certificated installers, doesn't have isolation switches between the two PV strings and the inverter. It does have an isolation switch on the output of the inverter before it feeds the house between meter and consumer unit.

Should I be worried, should I call the installers back in to get them to fit the switches?
Thanks, @snowhead, I can see the cables from the PV arrays where they come into the roof and trace them to the inverter, so I am fairly sure I've not missed them.
I guess it is possible I am looking for the wrong thing? The isolation switch on the output is a classic red rotary thing on a yellow background.
there's a switch on the side simply labelled on/off.
checking the manual ( ) on the Sofar inverter this is described as "DC Switch".

but reading further, it says in the operation section "DC isolator is correctly connected between battery & HYD-ES inverter, DC isolator: OFF;"
and then further: "Switch ON the battery. Turn ON DC isolator between battery & HYD-ES inverter."

now, the battery packs are connected directly to the inverter too. there's just the one isolator which is the mains output from the Sofar down to the consumer unit input.
the installer says that the PV isolator is built in. hmm. what concerns me is that I am their first customer to take this particular system type.
I contacted the original supplier who said that yes, the inverter's DC switch is for the panels, but they still recommend separate isolators. Also, they recommend separate isolators for the batteries.
And finally they recommend an isolator on the EPS output of the inverter because otherwise you have a mains socket somewhere which will "always" be live.

At the moment, the only isolator is on the feed from the inverter to the junction box with the meter and consumer unit.

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