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I have a Mira Event XS Thermostatic power shower which I installed about a year ago. Today it has stopped working properly, as if it is only receiving water from the cold feed. The pump is working and water is coming out with good pressure when the thermostatic control is on cold. As soon as I turn it to hot the pump gets louder and only a dribble of cold comes out.

I tuned the water supply off earlier in the day to replace a valve in the toilet but that was the cold supply, not the hot, so I think that may be a coincidence. I am wondering if it could be to do with the push valves as I remember them being awkward when I installed the shower.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Advent Win
Is this the one with the integral pump? Maybe you’ve got an air lock in the pipe, do you have auto air vents on the high point?
Hi Stu-B thanks for your reply.
Yes it has an integral pump. I don't believe there are auto air vents on the high point, so that may be an issue?
Attaching a picture in case this is helpful.



Hello, there are filters in that shower and the hot is the most likely one to block, so that would be first thing I would investigate.
Note - it is 240volt mains electric supply to that shower, so requires fully isolated before anyone attempts to work on it!
Hello, thanks very much for replying. I've cleaned the filters out (with the mains off and hot and cold isolated!). Unfortunately it didn't help. I'm wondering if it's worth replacing the manifold assembly..?

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