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Hoping for a bit of advice.

Just had a new bathroom fitted - water pressure in the house has never been that great but water pressure of bath taps is ridiculouly low.

Kitchen tap (closest to the stop cock) runs at about 9 litrees per minute, new basin tap in the upstairs bathroom runs at about 10 litres per minute and the bathroom tap is running at 6 litres per minute. The hot water out of the bathroom tap also has air bubbles in it (water cloudy but clears in a minute or two from the bottom).

The plumber (tried and tested with a really good reputation) who fitted the bathroom reckons it's very strange and I've got the water company coming tomorrow to check the external stop cock (it's fully open) and pressure but can't understand why there would be such a difference between the new basin tap and the new bath tap.

Also, bath uses flexis but they were swapped out for the larger ones so not that.

Any ideas / advice?



Gas Engineer
Disconnet the tap and attach a hose to the pipe and into the bath to test
Could be cheap, poor quality taps or a pipe issue.


Gas Engineer
Welcome to the forum.

What’s the minimum pressure recommended for the taps, and do you have this? Does it have any isolation valves fitted to the pipework to the taps?

Reply to Low water pressure but only in places - in the The Welcome Wagon :) area at PlumbersForums.net

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