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Hi All,

I live in a 400 yr old house although the pipework is only 3yrs old from the internal stopcock. I have a low water pressure / low flow problem that I wish to sort out. It's a 25mm incoming pipe stepped down to 22mm internally which then reduces to 15mm into the various taps. I have a PRV with pressure gauge fitted to the system as I wondered what the pressure was. I have a systemic pressure of 3.5bar which reduces to 0.7bar with one tap on. With 1 tap on I get a flow rate of just over 12lpm (only have a 12ltr bucket which fills up in 50sec)

With 2 taps on I get a dynamic pressure of under 0.5bar and a flow rate of 9.5lpm. Both of these taps are downstairs. My problem is that the upstairs electric shower struggles, presumably because of the low flow/pressure. It's a low pressure shower working on a minimum of 0.7bar. Its not too bad until someone flushes a toilet, then it just doesn't recover at all. It has to be turned off until the toilet stops filling then can be turned back on again. The downstairs mains fed shower works perfectly, regardless.

My boiler is an oil fired worcester bosch greenstar.

Is it worth contacting the water board or should I look at a flow pump like the salamander?

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