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Is there any reason why the pump and valves need to be located in the airing cupboard?

We have Gravity HW and pumped CH, but the boiler has been condemned and needs replacement.
4 pipes come down to the boiler room, as do all the hard wiring from room stat and timer.

The HW gravity pipes are easily accessible in the A/C so the cold water feed / expansion etc can all be reconfigured up there so the cold water feed goes to the pump side of the loop.

Why does everyone who is quoting for this work seem hell bent on tearing up this layout and fitting the three way and pump in the airing cupboard?

This would mean major upheaval in the house, floorboards up to find the heating loop, channelling walls to connect existing thermostats to the new location - this seems utterly pointless.

is this a work generation scheme, or am I missing something?


Try parking the Bentley, Porsche & Lire jet somewhere off your property before asking Plumbers to quote works.

In all honesty, I can't see any reason why you can't keep it the same.
If the current system worked and all you need is a boiler replacement, then why not keep it the same.

I have to admit I have looked at a few jobs recently ,which I did about 15 odd years ago, (closer to 20 years) and wonder why we did things that way.
They have obviously worked, but there are better ways to do things nowadays.

Find an older plumber that understands how and why the system was installed that way.
Yeah - we actually have a classic old Rolls-Royce - classic cars are my livelihood now - and get that a lot when we have people to quote for jobs. It's amazing how a £2500 roof repair suddenly quotes at £6500!!

I would be the first to admit that the resulting layout wouldn't be optimal, but the decision to put the boiler outside was made for some very good reasons (the original boiler was actually coal fired!!!), but it seems common sense to keep all the junk in the boiler room.

If we MUST have a hard wired connection to the tank, then I can run an extra wire from the attic to the boiler room - but its not easy!
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Also - it was originally installed by a very wise old plumber who was my godfather, hence the 3/4 inch piping from the hot tank to the bath taps!
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