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Hi. Looking for some hopefully very simply advice. I needed to replace a side entry flush valve on an enclosed toilet. I have installed the new flush valve but am having problems connecting it to the mains water supply pipe. The flush valve is 1/2" and pipe is threaded plastic. The mains supply has a corner fitting with a push valve, I think its 15mm. I am guessing I need some form of connector which will fit the mains push valve and also connect to the threaded flush valve pipe - but I just dont know what I actually need. Any help/advice would be really appreciated, thanks
A piccy might help. But do check the plastic connection as its dead easy to cross thread the join. centralheatking

Thanks, will take a pic tonight. The gap between the flush valve threaded pipe (I think its called a shank?) and the push valve from the mains is too large to connect the two directly.

The previous flush valve had a much shorter pipe/shank and there was a connector in place between the two, but cannot be re-used as it was stuck and I had to cut through the old flush valve to remove it.

I went to DIY store and got a tap extender which I thought looked very similar to the previous piece, but it leaked everywhere when I switched the water back on. Not sure if tap extender was correct? There wasnt any olive or washer etc included.


From your description yes a tap extender would do the job, it does however require a washer- then you’ll be fine.

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