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We've recently purchased a house with a relatively new bathroom (16 months). Within a month we noticed water from the bathroom leaking into our kitchen below. It is a shower over a bath. The bath itself was fully tiled over, so it took a while to remove all the tiles.

Under the bath was completely soaked and it took ages to dry out. But we could not identify the cause of the leak. We have tried 2 things so far. We removed the seal from the bath completely. Beneath was completely mouldy and soaking wet. We left it to dry out completely before resealing it. The shower bar was also removed and resealed onto the wall. For reference the shower is the below

We've noticed that where the shower bar fits to the wall, water is dripping from the bottom. This has happened as we've been resealing the bath, so the shower itself hasn't been used in several days. We aren't in a position to replace the bathroom at this stage, so trying to put us on for as long as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's likely we'll use a local plumber but would be good to have an idea of what could be causing the leak.

Many thanks in advance


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