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Gas Engineer
Hi all,

Just wondering how you'd all tackle this. (I'm a bit of a lone plumber, so don't get to discuss jobs generally).

Customer has sent me pics of a quadrant floor-level shower tray. He's just moved into the house, and discovered the shower tray leaks (water through ceiling below). It looks to be a few years old. Pics aren't great, but the grouting looks a bit cracked in one section. Obviously when I get chance to go round, I'll inspect it visually. But then there are options.

1. The floor is carpeted, so I should be able to cut a square in the floorboards to look under it. Failing this, I could cut a square in the ceiling downstairs - though this is a last resort. I prefer lifting a couple of floorboards.
2. I'm not keen on this option, as it could cause more water damage to the ceiling. But to discover if it is the trap/waste pipe, or grouting/sealant, one could pour water down the plug/trap, taking care not to splash the edges of the shower tray. Make a small hole with a screwdriver in the ceiling (to let water drain). And see if water does in fact come down. Then proceed accordingly.

But anyway, what would you all do?




Gas Engineer
I would always check waste on its own first, then move onto tiles and enclosure. Just try to be systematic to identify what has failed. Usually on close inspection it is easy to find. I would always air on the side of caution with repairs and make sure customer knows any repair could fail down the line if it wasn't installed properly.

Timmy D

Gas Engineer
Take a 15mm Male iron/ptfe/extra show hose. You can then use these items to easily extend the current shower hose so it reaches the drain and run it directly without the need for buckets of water.

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