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Discuss leaking boiler Flexcom 24 hx in the The Welcome Wagon :) area at PlumbersForums.net

Hi all, I am new here.
I am not a plumber but a retired long time electrician working in industry. Most of my work was on water cooled, high power, high voltage components and circuitry so pipework and fittings always came into it.
Boiler type Glow.worm Flexicon 24 hx
I have turned the power and the gas off.
I have a leak on my boiler where the supply hot water exits the top of the stainless steel boiler. It leaks where the 22mm copper tube fits into the cast iron elbow and so far I cannot get that joint apart. I have removed the fixing screws to the top of the boiler and have now removed the double pronged steel clip from the elbow.
The elbow is still solid to the copper tube and I have not come across this type of fitting before.
How do I get the elbow off the tube to see how to fix it.
Hoping you can hep

Eric bu

Need to be gas safe to work inside a boiler
Yes Shaun, I appreciate that.
My very friendly and helpful gas engineer was looking at it, but could not fix the leak. He tried to get information from Glow worm parts dept. with no success. If I can learn how to remove this elbow then he will come back to check any work I have done.
If I have to remove the whole boiler from the wall to get at it, I will. but I am just hoping for some tips.
I fitted this boiler in the first place some years ago. It has a simple very short flue and then two water pipes and a mains supply, then repair the stone wall. The gas engineer did his bit and was satisfied with everything else.
This is nothing more than a water fitting which I am not familiar with. everything else is switched off or disconnected.
Is anybody else willing to help.

Eric bu

or to ask for gas/boiler related on forums.
Hi Aquarius, sorry I don`t understand that. Is this not the correct forum. Even then someone should know what this fitting type is called. If I just had that I could learn more. So far I cannot find them on ebay.

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