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Hi all,

I hope you can help. I’ve recently moved into a property and have connected my washing pipe, and it’s washing fine, but leaving my under sink shelves soaked. I think it’s coming from the water source (pictured) and not the waste water pipe. It looks to be screwed on tight so not sure what’s causing it. The filter looks a little blocked but don’t know if that’s a factor? Would like to know if it’s an easy fix before I call someone out.

There’s no water coming out behind the machine itself.

Any help gratefully received, thank you!



Advent Win
Sometimes the little blue handle of the w/m valve can stop you fully tightening the hose onto the threads.
Try taking the handle off, it's just a small philips screw holding it on and won't leak or anything sinister if you remove it. With the handle off see if the hose will tighten further.
If you have the valve set to the open position when you remove the handle, be careful not to undo the hose as that will give you a lovely bespoke cold shower.
If it is the handle in the way you either need a new hose with a shorter thread or a different w/m valve fitting.
I have noticed that the cheaper washing machine valves from the big sheds tend to give you more chance of problems with the handle being in the way.


Take a good look at that rubber washer in the hose, might be worth changing it for a new one.

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