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Hello, from South Devon.

Firstly - I'm not a Gas Safe RGI.

I'm considering my options to replace a 23 year old |Ideal Classic FanFare 50,000 kw open vent boiler which works OK but could well terminally fail and I want to be prepared (I'm thinking another fan, gas valve or PCB would be the last straw).

My (14 smallish) rads and HW cylinder give a calculation of a total 15.2kw using a Mears calculator.

The condensate run is in place and all ready, and a new three core plus earth cable is also in place between pump (airing cupboard on 1st floor) and the boiler (in the garage attached to the house) in case it's required for pump over run / switched live etc.

A Spirotech MB3 magnetic filter is installed on the system.

An option could be Ideal MAX 15kw Heat Only (with the rear flue option and with their own magnetic filter) fitted by my tame Gas Safe RGI (he likes Ideals and is familar with them) ..

.. or possibly an Intergas 18 HRE Open Vent. Cost of both is fairly similar.

Ten year warranty on Ideal - seven year on Intergas.

Intergas have said their boiler does NOT have to be fitted by a Platinum 5 installer in order to get the 7 yr warranty - just Gas Safe.

My mate (the tame Gas safe installer) hasn't touched anything by Intergas before (but is currently looking and researching).

What I'm asking is connected to the 'Fitting Kit A' (Small) and the offset flue.

The wall is single skin 100mm thick (reconstituted stone block).

I just spoke to Craig at Intergas and was told that my installer would, in order to centralise the flue, have to use an offset flue, part 081298) in order to avoid clashing with the flow and return which are, as we know, on the top left corner of the boiler. He "advised" the use of the fitting kit/jig/frame as without it the flue would impinge on the wall and the wall would need to be "chamfered" (chiselled out) in order to allow the flue to sit correctly.

He said you buy the 'Fitting Kit A' but don't use the expansion vessel (seems a bit of a waste).

If anyone has fitted an HRE OV and been faced with the need to use the offset flue and/or the jig would they be good enough to say how it went . and confirm I'm getting my facts right.

Plan B would simply be to fit the Ideal Heat Only boiler with the rear flue option, use their magnetic filter and have 10 years warranty (and hope they stuck to it and didn't wriggle out of it for some reason).

Intergas have confirmed they don't stipulate any particular inhibitor/additive on commision - and will approve any make of magnetic filter. Other manufacturers do state which additives they approve and which magnetic filter.

Hope it's not too lengthy a query .. and thanks in anticipation.

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