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I have an Instinct Mag Cleaner fitted to my system, but was never given the spanner nor spare o-rings. The body cap is approximately 100mm across.

i will soon be doing a small amount of plumbing on my system and was hoping to top-up via the mag, but am reluctant to touch it due to the lack of spare o-ring and spanner. Obviously there are other options for topping-up, but would prefer to address the issues with the mag.

I assume i can use a (rubber) strap wrench to get the lid off, unless anyone knows where i can buy a replacement spanner? Have looked on the web, to no avail. I would also like to have a spare o-ring (set?) at my disposal, but don’t know the size. Are these things fairly standard, bearing in mind the lid size quoted above?

I suppose i could make my own o-ring by buying a reel of rubber and cutting / glueing accordingly, but have jo idea of the thickness of the thing or whether they are all a standard thickness?

Being a staunch pessimist, i just know that the first moment i touch it, it’ll start leaking and i don’t want to be without heating at this time of year.

Any help / advice, will be gratefully received.


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Bucket underneath the drain port pull magnet out the top of the filter should just lift out

then use the bottom key / blank to open the valve at the bottom while holding the bucket underneath
As above has said but they are available Instinct Magnetic Filter 22mm INMAG22 - https://www.crossling.co.uk/instinct-magnetic-filter-22mm-inmag22 also mkm stock them may be worth contacting either of them for parts
Thanks. I did spot that there were a couole of places selling them, but to the best of my knowledge no-one is offering spare parts which is not a good sign; unlike, say, the Adey that has parts widely available. As you suggest, i’ll give them a call though.


As Shaun said above.

Close both valves, bucket underneath, pull magnet out the top then open one of the valves. It will flush all the crap out the bottom.

Dont touch the lid if you can help it. Its just waiting to pish out all over.

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