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I see a lot of Japanese smart toliet seats around with a bidet spray built into them and thinking of getting one. Only question is what is needed to connect them to a water supply. I am imagining a direct connection is not allowed because of the backflow risk from the jet nozzle and I don’t want to go back to having a header tank just for it (especially as they seem to need a minimum 1 bar water pressure. So what do people do in practice? Thanks
Thanks Shaun but not that type of bidet. I mean more of the type linked below where the water heater etc are all built in so no need for a water heater and tmv3. And a header tank is OTT - have just got rid of them all recently and don’t want to go back there.
There no way around it as it’s a cat 5 risk you need a break tank and pump as it requires a min pressure
Bummer. There must be loads of these seats around that are DIY plumbed straight in, especially in flats where there is no opportunity for a header tank. Just wondering if you could run a pump off a bigger cistern or if there are pressurised break tanks available to give the 1 bar minimum pressure. Even a standard header tank installation is unlikely to achieve that.

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