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Discuss I'm gas safe thru employer. I want to have my own gas number too in the Gas Engineers Forum area at PlumbersForums.net



Like I said I'm gas safe registered through the company I work for (day job) but want my own gas number so I can install and commission boilers for family, people that I know, etc.

Obviously I've got the qualifications or else I wouldn't be registered through work but I'm just curious, do I have to create a business of some sort? Sole trader or limited company? It's all quite confusing to someone who's only worked 1 entire job in his life lol. So let's say I set up a company for myself whether that's a sole trader or limited company, will gas safe want to see proof of public liability insurance? What else?o_O

PETE 123

Check your contract you may not be allowed to work under your own reg. Dont know if its changed i dont think you need pl to join but best to have. If you have assets then best ltd co.


Talk to an accountant too. You will need to do a tax return each year


Please don’t take this as a negative, but informative.

To set up your own Gas Safe Registration is around £400 - there is a first registration fee and then an annual fee. You just do it on line with your ACS certificate number and the business entity you want to use. If it is a Ltd company you will need the Company Registration No. As a new company you will be on probation for 3 months - you report all your jobs and Gas Safe will come out to look at one of your jobs with you ( nothing to be concerned about).

You don’t need proof of insurance - but you would be well advised to have it in place before you undertake any work even for friends.

If you form a limited company - cost around £50 - once you have created it you have to manage it - confirmation statements, annual accounts and corporation tax. If you miss any due dates, Companies House and HMRC will fine you £100 a time. The entity will need it’s own bank account - which in my experience, business bank accounts are harder to open now without have a face to face meeting with the bank - and they are not free like personal accounts.

In short only set up in your own name if you are going to use it. It will cost you at least a £1,000 for the first year a year before you do anything.

Just be aware that if you go down the Ltd company route - tell or ask your employer -
If they suspect anything, a simple Google search will identify you as the Director of a UK Registered Company.

If you have any assets take good legal advice before trading as a Sole Trader.


Gas Engineer
You will have almost certainly have a "non complete clause" I'd see if the employer will let you do family and friends on their books, if they say no - jump ship. I dont understand why anyone would want to be anything other a self employed plumber. It's the best thing in the world. Really. And you've clearly got the quals and some customers lined up. Few hundred setting up ltd company as Brambles says above and you're cooking with gas.

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