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I unsubscribed to newslettter/ads emails multiple times but I keep getting them.

Last one I got is: " - CHEAP RAIL GUN OFFER"

How can I stop getting these emails?

This is my current settings and I got the email as settings were like this:


Thank you
There's links at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe.

Not sure why @Dan thinks plumbers would be interested in buying a 'rail gun' [sic] on the cheap. I hope that's a typo for 'nail gun'!

(In the UK a rail gun is an offensive weapon and even simple possession is probably a criminal offence. See section 57 and/or section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968.)
The nails are in a rail that you add to the nail gun.
Our forum was originally in a different software. And then another. And then finally this type.

While they've thrown something together to satisfy eu laws. They didn't really go further than that. So I'll sort your account out for you matey.
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