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I must I think have a leak but can only hear it, it started a few weeks ago as a drip and now progressing with slow water flow gradually more pronounced. It's in a back kitchen cupboard where the gas system boiler is and a 250-litre indirect tank for hot water and one of those diaphragm things ( sorry not a plumber) above the tank. It's packed into the cupboard like sardines so difficult to see where the sound is coming from. The back of the cupboard is lined and insulated and is next to a party garden wall to the neighbours and there are a couple of copper pipes going through into the wall Just behind the other wall there is a downpipe just behind the plasterboard so conceivably it could be a leak into the downpipe. Both the washing machine and dishwasher drain into to downpipe. The tank was new 3 years ago, as part of the new refurb, the boiler 4 years old.

  • The floor is white tiled and there is no visible water underneath the tank or around the floor, the tile colour makes it relatively easy to see dried water stains.
  • There is no water coming through the tundish under the boiler, it's dry.
  • I have toughed all the pipes and cannot see any visible leaks.
  • I have checked the entrance to the downpipe and there is no water coming into the entrance of the downpipe.
  • I live in London so all wastewater, both toilet and rainwater go out of the property in the one drain pipe so pretty simple.

If I turn the house water off the leak stops a couple of minutes afterwards, switch it back on again and the dripping starts again.

Any ideas on how to identify where it's coming from?


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