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I have been told to fit battens to support bath when installing it but am having problems.

The bath is fibreglass/acrylic. It has a wooden batten glued from factory inside the rim on both sides and the non-tap end. This batten is about 2cm thick and is recessed under the rim. The battens are not straight but the bath rim is straight.

It has two leg frames/cradles which are made from bent steel tubes that are screwed into the batten under the rim on each side and run underneath where they are also screwed and threaded legs attach through the tubes near the bottom on each side.

I want to screw a solid wood batten to the wall to support to long side of the bath. As the legs are in the way I have made it short enough for only the part between the legs.

I could
A) rest the rim of the bath on the wall batten but the rim is thin plastic and may not take the load.
B) rebate the wall batten so the factory wood batten inside the rim is resting on the wall batten and the rim is not touching.

Having chosen B) I now find the batten inside the rim is warped so the wall batten does not fit against it uniformly. I do not have skill or know a way to fix this.

How should I fit this bath?


These are all the reasons why I purchase pressed steel baths for my properties. The other factor is lifestyle, people exercise alot now and are heavier plastic baths are not suited to the extra strain caused by these people showering at one end. We had one in the first holiday let itsgone now.
The best way to support your bath is a good all round 3x2 frame fixed to the floor and wall, use bathroom wall board over the edge of the bath with sillycon along the bath and bottom edge of the wall board. Leave to settle full of water overnight. Then tile . Its still a bind because the bath will still flex and twist. centralheatking


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A normally for me but if the baths that bad time for a new one

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