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I'm about to install a P shaped shower bath into a small bathroom. However I've noticed that with the bath in place it's not possible to reach under the bath to the pre drilled tap holes. Because of the circular shape there's also no line of sight to these either making it very hard or impossible to reach with a spanner.

So if I were to install the bath like this I'm wondering if it's possible to remove the taps without ripping out the whole bath?

One option I'm considering is to cut new tap holes in the centre of the rim. But this means filling in the old taps somehow and I'm wondering if that's necessary. The bath was designed this way with the pre cut holes so presumably there should be a way to unscrew the tap nuts from underneath?

So I'm interested to hear other's thoughts on this problem.


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If you cannot reach the taps with your neck broken and your face squashed against the side of the spikes of fibreglass, with your arm scratched and sliced by it, then you will struggle to get them out, yes.

Could they be reached through the wall it will sit against? (access panel).
You could take the bath out if you install it with that in mind.
You could re-drill new holes I suppose but you need to look at where and how they will be for strength.
You could fit it and look at it that it's not really your problem. Presumably you didn't choose the bath.

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