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CB1CEEF9-F820-4C6C-920B-D61F5EDA2C27.jpeg When the floor and building are lala,
1. trust the spirit level
2. eye it in
see the results of 1. looks goofy
shelf is level floor is lala


I would hang the new rad on dead level and put a couple bar stools in front of it to hide it. ;)

Actually Harvest has sensible idea, - pass the final decision onto the customer.

It could be worse - the shelf could be also off the level in opposite direction to floor!
The eye will always be convinced that the plumber is an idiot and rad is miles off level, as builders don’t put shelves and floors in off the level. :)
In those situations I normally do it by eye, no point it being perfectly level if it looks bad because everything else is on the Sods, but I do explain my process to the customer at the start and get them to ok it.


I do mine level, the fittings, shelves, sills etc that surround the radiator can always change so I do mine level to future proof them.


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I always set mine off level a smidge towards the air bleed
Sometimes the room is so completely off whack putting it dead level without reference to the rest of the room will spoil the appearance of the whole room. Granted other elements can be more easily straightened out but until they are it'll look wrong. and if it's opposite the door it just won't do.
Look u lot there is no definative
answer ...all I did see was a puzzle ...which we all might come accross from time to time
and our collective wisdom might guide us further
Regards Rob Foster aka centralheatking
I have always considered you can get away with anything out of level in a hallway ...or a kitchen or a staircase but never in a bog because they have all day to look
regards Rob Foster chking
Always level, I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I installed something on the [email protected]
I had this pig of a customer called me back to re hang the rad I installed "except level this time". I walked in with my level and put it on the rad which was dead straight then put it on hes window ledge which wasnt and smirked at him. Trouble is with a long rad if you follow the window the floor will show it up.

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