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Hi All,

I have a combi boiler in the home and having issues lately getting hot water to the showers.
It was happening with the kitchen sink (downstairs) last week but I put that down to the tap as it had been recently replaced.

Now, but not always it takes a very long time for the water temperature to be reached in the showers (upstairs)
Switching the tap on at the sink in the same bathroom helped but I wasn't sure if that was coincidence or not.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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The average 28kw boiler will supply 10 ish litres of hotwater with a 35degree rise so if the water the incoming water tempreture is 10-11 degrees this time of the year your boiler will struggle to supply hotwater at 50+degrees the only way to increase the tempreture is slow the volume of water passing through the plate heat exchanger in doing this the boiler can reach tempreture quickly and keep switching on and off when there is a demand ,a partially blocked heat ex will also cause this to , i fit flow restrictors to all the taps and showers when doing a upgrade 8 litres a minute across all the taps and shower it saves alot of call backs as the boiler can always supply that amount of hotwater all year round and my customers save money and reduce their water wastage, we all need to cut down on the water and gas we use. Cheers kop


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As above ^^^
Does the water eventually get to temp ?
Is the hot pipe leaving the boiler hot ?

The boiler is a combi Potterton perfoma 28

We have been in the house for 5 years and have had colder spells than the current temperature without issues.
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