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Hi all,

Looking for some help, I am a complete novice when it comes to plumbing so any help would be appreciated.
Today i had to drain down the central heating system to change a radiator valve in the lounge that's leaking which was fine. But just as i was about to fill the system again i noticed a wet patch on the ceiling below the airing cupboard. On closer inspection in the airing cupboard i can see the hot water cylinder is leaking from the drain valve (pic below). As though it is not fully shut off. I have a couple of questions firstly what is the size nut for the drain off valve as i have no key/ tap to shut it off or open it up to drain the cylinder quickly and secondly can this drain valve be replace without having to replace the whole cylinder if it is faulty?
I have thrown in some photos so you can see my problem :-D
Is there any other way of draining the cylinder quickly without the drain valve?

Any help would be appreciated.



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