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Greenstar junior 24i. It's been checked a few months ago.

I haven't actually used it for central heating for a couple of years and seldom for water.

The pressure on it always goes to 0 bars after a few days and usually the filling loop is permanently attached so I would just up the pressure by turning both knobs.

So I couldn't find the filling loop, maybe the council engineer took it by mistake so I decided to use the hose/pipe from the shower.

At first the gauge didn't move so I left the pipe on and knobs open, I came back 10mins later to find water pouring out of the plastic oval shaped thing at the bottom of the boiler system, I then turned one of the knobs and the gauge went up.

So I press the heating button on the control panel for '1hr', which means it should start automatically right away but nothing, I try the same with the water and nothing however when I turn a hot water tap on the boiler fires up and I have hot water etc.

Yet I have no central heating, I have reset the control panel.

In the past I would just press the left hand button on control panel for '1hr' and the central heating would fire up.

Any ideas?
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so quoting your opening line why the hell have you got a boiler that you dont use and then want advice on how to fix it when your in social housing. havent used heating for a couple of years and seldom use hot water, what do you expect
Well it's cheaper to run a portable oil radiator. I'm poor. An engineer checks it a couple of times a year so it should be OK.

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I kind of thought I had drowned it also, what will I likely have damaged?
You could of yes you are a tenant so it's the council's place to arrange any servicing and repairs required please request a visit to diagnose the problem . Kop

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