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I have just installed the Evohome Value Pack A which has 2 x BDR91 relays.

One is commented to the electric supple to the oil boiler and the other controls the hot water valve.

I have 8 x HR92's all connected and communicating fine with the Evotouch Controller.

However I and having some issues with the BDR91 relays.

They are binding successfully to the controller but when the HR92 call for hot water the main boiler relay is not activating and when I carry out the RF check the red Led flashes on both relays.

I have deactivated the hot water and disconnected the hot water valve BDR91 in cast there was some interference between the relays but this made no difference.

The boiler relay so about 40 cm from the boiler.

Even when the controller is right next to the relay the RF test fails.

I have reset and re-bound the relay numerous times and it binds successfully every time, but it is not activating and constantly fails the RF test.

I have reset the relays and swapped tthe face plates of both units without success.

It is unlikely both relays are faulty so it must be some interference or something!

Any help or suggestions to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated!

When you press the grey manual button in the receiver for heating does the port valve open and boiler fires ?

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