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Discuss Help with moving kitchen to new wall within a flat - can it be done? in the Plumbing Forum area at PlumbersForums.net


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I live in a flat and wish to move the kitchen from one wall to another to make far better use of the space (essentially 90 degrees and up a bit - phot attached). Assuming of course that this is allowed within the lease, I was wondering if this sounds physically possible and a likely idea of the cost (are we talking hundreds or thousands).

A little more information if it helps:
  • there is no gas in the flat (electric only)
  • the existing kitchen is back to back with the bathroom
  • the wall I wish to move the kitchen too is a communal wall (back to back with the corridor)
  • I would like to have in island, potentially with the sink on the island rather than the wall - this location would be no more than 2.5m away from the existing sink location
  • I will be completely ripping out the kitchen and starting from fresh, including new flooring
Any help/advise would be so appreciated.

Thank you.


chris watkins

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Most likely there is only a soil stack in the central core serving the existing toilets & kitchens, so the new kitchen drainage would need to be pumped over to this in 32/40mm plastic pipe run at high level.
Think of the noise & the loss of the kitchen if it breaks or there is a loss of power, if you can live with these then it is do-able but not recommended.


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Don’t forget about the electrics .. these will need changes too and will cost

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