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can you someone please help me. I'm looking to install a dishwasher.

picture attached is the current setup. from what I can see there is only one cold water supply and waste pipe, which is currently used for the washing machine.

What do I need, to be able to adapt this to allow for a dishwasher to be installed? The dishwasher will be installed to the right of the sink as the washing machine is on the left.

Many thanks for your help.

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It depends on how competant you are. The simplest way.
Water Supply...dual supply adaptors are available..switch off blue lever unscrew connection add the dual adaptor attatch two hoses on to each side....test
Drains...more problematic....your existing is leaking anyway and is marley 1 1/2 inch just cut in a t into the
vertical marley and do the same
as the other stack ...with a trap.
I would stick to the same pipe
as you have as some are not compatable. Rob Foster aka centralheatking


As Rob states, depends on competency. Compression washing machine tee cut into copper pipe work and a stand pipe twin connector.


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For the second waste I would change the sink trap to a compression p-trap with appliance spigot, your current pushfit is leaking anyway. Will require altering the vertical waste pipe with straight connector and elbow connector and couple of short lengths of waste pipe.

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