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Hi All,

Help. Very strange, but shower won't turn off. I believe its a Grohe Rapido T, picture attached. Managed to isolate it at the shower pump, although I think one of the stopcocks is broken, it just kept turning. Luckily there is a stopcock on the inlet and outlet pipes of both hot and cold sides to the pump, so I used the other one. Never rains but it pours. Very flimsy red handles, really don't fill me with confidence.

Only problem is, the pump powers two showers, so I'd like to isolate at the unit itself so we can use the other one while I get someone out. Is that what the big screw in the middle does? Can't find any instructions or videos online mentioning this. It seems that some concealed valves there are two screws each side to turn off the water, but the ones on the Grohe just look like blanking things to me?? Is there any way of turning this thing off at the unit?

Symptoms: Turning the top knob (diverter) to the middle and the main shower head kept running, almost at full blast. Then tried turning the other way for handheld, and it got even worse! Then water was coming out of both. Turning it fully left and right varies the water flow a bit, but even with the pump turned off, it keeps running out of both until I turned the stopcocks by the pump off.

Also, if this is just an easy washer or valve replacement, please let me know. I don't mind getting my hands dirty if I have proper instructions from somewhere.

Thanks in advance,





Not familiar with that one but try an Allen key in the brass circles - they are either shut off valves or filters , you’ll soon find which.

If no joy I would remove the handset from the hose and screw a 1/2” male cap into the hose.
Remove the overhead shower and screw a cap onto this ( could be male or female, 1/2” or 3/4”) .
Then you will be able to put the pump back on for the other shower.


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Top cartridge is your diverter / selector have a word with national shower spares or shower doctor

there’s no isolators on this

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