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Hi all, just got round to registering on the new website, which is excellent timing since I am just starting to plan our wetroom refurb. I'm happy doing basic plumbing - fitting close coupled loos, basins etc - but this is going to be a whole new level of challenge, and one which might require the services of a pro rather than me going it the DIY route and failing in a wet and expensive way!

Looking forward to re-connecting to the collective wisdom!



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Welcome back, what plans do you have for your wetroom?
Ha ha! Closer to the truth than you know - at the moment at least! We inherited a ground floor wetroom designed for an elderly man with mobility issues. Loo on a pedastal, municipal-style non-slip vinyl flooring with lots of seams. But the roof leaked, so that when we moved in water was running down the wall tiles in the shower area. The tiles are - not surprisingly - loose, so cleaning is done with extreme care. And two of the welded seams in the flooring have failed, so the concrete floor underneath is wet and, no doubt, moldy too.

Plan is to strip it down, dry it out, re-tank, fit electric underfloor heating, tile floor, and walls, and fit wall-hung loo and basin. Oh, and add an external door to make returning from the beach after a swim or kayak more convenient!

Won't have the money until next spring, so between now and then, it is all about the planning...


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.. Hello and welcome ..

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