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I’ve got one of these but need some help identifying the right fittings.
The ibox needs 3/4” male connections. My pipework is in 15mm.

The only adapters I can find are compression but I’ve been advised not to use these in a stud wall. I’m a DIY‘er and my soldering isn’t great so it leaves me with pushfit as an option, but I can’t find a suitable adapter without using multiple adapters, e.g. 3/4” to 22mm pushfit and then reduced down to 15mm.

Any help or other advice on this would be appreciated.



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Use straight compression reducers (rather than bent ones) this allows you to get them snugged up correctly without worrying which direction they point in. Then go from there in 15mm copper, bent/soldered as required.

Alternatively get 3/4" female iron to 15mm copper soldered fittings.

Whatever you do , use the flushing facility on the i box and then leave it with live feeds at operating pressure for several days before you bury it in the wall.

If unsure it is worth considering paying a proper plumber to do this bit for you - won't cost too much and consequences of poor work on this bit are pretty dire...

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