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Grundfos Scala2 - experiences?

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Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with installing a Grundfos Scala 2 on to the water main in a large domestic? (2 showers, 2 baths, washing machine always on)

Already has a 200l accumulator but we are looking at something to improve our 2.1bar to 3.5 in to the megaflow and to the garden tap before the megaflow PRV (3bar)

Looking at this over the stuart turner as the pump location would be under the master bedroom and the stuart turner is just too loud.

Many thanks

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Can’t install the pump on the mains eg can’t pump over 12lpm on the mains supply

Only way is to pump from a stored supply

Ok so can’t pump mains directly in UK over 12p/min. Loads of other countries on YouTube doing this.

We have poor pressure, the flow issues I fixed a few years back with the accumulator.

We have 25mm MDPE main, it’s just the water board keep turning pressure down to reduce leaks wastage and at peak demand times the pressure plummets.

Anyone got a suggestion or is Stuart Turner really the only legal way?
And ?

Cold water tank in your loft / where you have space then a pump after etc

Have a look at dab esysys box

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