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I am SO fed up with failing side-entry valves on toilet cisterns and water tanks. They've all been engineered down to something as flimsy as a milk carton, and they seem to last no time at all and start leaking. I'd happily pay more for a good quality one - but not twice as much for the same valve from the same Chinese factory that someone is marking up more.
Anyone recommend a good make or source ? Or is there a common failure mode that can be fixed on them ? I've tried the dismantle/clean route but that doesn't seem to fix things. Same problem with internal flush valves in Grohe toilets. Everything's disposable these days (I imagine there's a thread on that somewhere). Rant, rant.


I dont use them anymore. Had a few that came with water tanks that had to be replaced shortly after install.


I'm fairly sure VIVA is not a UK manufacturer. May have a UK office though.

I like the Torbeck Ecofil - solid Fluidmaster exterior with Torbeck mechanism (cheap and easy to obtain replacement washer when it needs one), but then we all have our favourites. Or a BS1212, Part 2 ballcock (if it fits). Avoid the Armitage Shanks fill valves.

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