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I have just completed my training with Scots Gas Training based in Stirling so I thought I would leave a review for anyone who may be considering a career change of direction.

I visited a couple of training centres in Scotland before signing up to the Scots Gas Training course, one centre I visited informed me that the class size would be around 16 people, Scots Gas said they would only take a maximum of 6 on any Cat 3 initial course, this was an important consideration for me as having never worked within the industry or having any real knowledge I didn't want to get "lost" in the crowd if there was anything that I didn't understand. Whilst it wasn't the deciding factor on my decision, cost of the course also came into play to a degree, Scots Gas were £2000 less than the other centre I visited.

I signed up and I seriously can't fault any aspect of the training, I was provided with a folder with the course work and sign on details for an online library of support materials of PDF's and video's that I could access at home any time. Having now passed my exams and practicals I now understand that the training provided is so much more than "just enough" to pass the exams. The training consisted of several weeks of classroom work to build knowledge before starting work on any appliances out in the bays.

Not knowing anyone in the industry I was always going to require support in finding a "work placement" for completing my portfolio, we have all heard the horror stories of people being let down by training centres despite promises in this aspect , I needn't have worried. When it came time to complete my portfolio, Iain Johnstone (the owner) organised for me to work with two local firms to gain the "on the job" experience that I required.

Having now completed my course a final note on Scots Gas Training that I feel is worth noting is that even though I'm now nearly out in the "real world" I now have people to call if (when!!) I need advice. I witnessed first hand Iain and other tutors taking calls and visits from former students asking for advice which they had no issue in helping them with which I think speaks volumes.

I would say that anyone considering completing a Cat 3 initial course in general should visit several centres before making a decision on who to go with and be prepared to work hard, there is a huge amount to learn in a relatively short period of time. The learning curve is steep and I fully expect that to continue after leaving the training centre!
Thanks Stu, planning to go down the route of self employment but I'm conscious that it'll be a bit of a balancing act for a while finding jobs that will stretch & challenge me but not biting off more than I can handle.


Advent Win
I did the same pal, it’s tough mind, really tough, plus it’s a lonely game out on your own with nobody to help you out especially at the start.
I don’t know what type of work you’re aiming for, but I’d just take anything you can get, swapping rusted up taps and swapping pan connectors on leaky toilets still pay the bills and gets your name spread around locally.

best of luck

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