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I recently moved back to Europe from the Middle East and shipped my belongings. In that shipment was a Bosch gas cooker/oven. When in the Middle East it was using gas cylinders as there was no mains gas. Now I am back in Europe I would like to use it if possible, however the sticker on the back of the oven states it is setup for 28-30mbar, the regulator also states 30mbar.
I can only get 37mbar regulator to fit the cylinders in Europe. So my question is would it be ok to use a 37mbar with this oven?
According to the oven manual the jets are the same for both 30-37mbar, so I am unsure if there is something else I would need to get changed or adjusted.
I have attached some photos of all the information I have that I hope will be of help.
Thanks in advance.

Adnoc Reg1.jpg
Belg Reg1.jpg
Oven Sticker1.jpg
Oven Manual1.jpg


Get professional help in setting it up as there are other adjustments for safety reasons and gas consumption.

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