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Hi, i'm looking for some gas engineer software primarily to produce gas certs on, i was previously using one called Gas App UK, which was ok enough, but they've switched to a paid subscription model last week without warning , and looking at a few of the others it's probably not the best one if i have to pay. If i'm paying i want it to also be able to handle a bit more.

I'm currently giving Gas Engineer Software a tiral, just wondering if you guys recommend one?
I use gas checker most have free trials so my recommendation is to have a play about and see what you like
Strangely I jse what has turned out to be the title of your post !!...Gas Engineer Software. It does what I expected. nI haven' t used any others so can't compare.
Just to update on this- i went for Gas Engineer Software and have found it pretty spot-on for certs, which is what i've initially used it for. I'm going to start using it for invoicing too, and quotes, it looks quite easy to turn a quote into an invoice once you've actually done the job.

I'm having a little play around regards using it as a calendar/planner too, and i'm finding it quite 'clunky' to be honest. I'll trial it like this for a bit, but have found quite a few bits annoying already, in that it's not that customisable. You can book for someone to show you through all the features, i think i might do that soon to make sure i'm using it to its full potential, I can report back after that if that's of interest to anyone?

I'm really looking for something that's good enough to basically fully digitalise my system, moving away from a paper diary and notebook, with automations etc. I'm not convinced this is that just yet, but we'll see.

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