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Yes and quiet common to do so
Ok this is the one I went to I'm swapping a couple of radiators at the job


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I'd want that changed. Someone has already tried botching it by painting with some sort of primer. Only a matter of time before it starts leaking (again). Make sure it's not you on the hook when it happens.
I think the primer is paint they have used to seal it when they cut the holes?
Looks more recent than that to me; they've painted over the top of the plastic tank connectors. Anyway, doesn't make any difference to my opinion, which is that the tank is corroding badly and needs to be changed. If the house owners don't like the idea, make sure you have a record that you advised and they refused replacement. Otherwise, it's odds-on they'll try and blame you it does leak!

Anyway, see what others think; I'm pretty cautious when it comes to this sort of risk.

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