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We have just become aware of Flexi Hoses fitted in walls of our Apartment Block.
The hoses supply shower mixer taps.

One of our owners, a retired builder said that it is illegal. Plumbers who came to repair leaking pipes also confirmed that using Flexi Hoses in an enclosed wall space is illegal.

Plumbers had to cut through plasterboard to access the hoses for replacement. Very tight squeezy job but they managed to extract the mixer tap and hoses, fit a new mixer and connect to copper supply pipe using PEX pipe.

What is our best course of action?
Try to locate the plumber responsible for original fitting?
Try to locate the building certifier?

Or just suck it up and replace the illegal hoses. Possibly cost $1500 per apartment.

Apartments are 20 years old.

The hoses that were replaced are the first to start leaking.

All other Flexi Hoses such as those below sinks in kitchen and bathrooms and supply to toilet cisterns have been replaced.



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