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Essential Plumbing Tools

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Hey all,

First post here, am an avid DIY'er and I'm putting in my mother-in-law's bathroom this weekend, this will be the 3rd bathroom that I've put in, however, I always get by with the poor tools that I have.

In your experience what would you say are essential tools?

I'm also looking to buy some welding tools, what would you suggest?
As a DIY'er how much plumbing/bathrooms are you really going to be doing to justify buying more specialist hi end equipment? Might as well stick with push fit or tectite fittings and just use a pipe slice if you can't solder.
Bathroom essentials would be monobloc spanners/water pump pliers/ pipe slices/ fugi kit/ silicone grease/ basin wrench + box spanner (get both)

The rest of it would be basic tool set.

Then you move into specialist kit: tile cutters/ trowels/pipe benders/ sds drill for removing tiles/ 6ft spirit level/ multi tool for floor boards
Whatever tools are needed I always seem to have left them in the van😂
Nearly 20 years on and I'm still incapable of setting up with everything I need.
I'm great at running up and down stairs tho!
I guess your mother-in-law like bathroom changes? 🤔🤣 Joking aside, spend what you can afford for semi decent equipment. What I mean by that is don’t purchase all Silverline tools but you don’t need high end either. Stanley tools are usually decent enough imo, probably better with a Bahco wide adjustable though, Knipex grips can be had for some good prices or go Rothenberger.

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