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My problem with a “ghost” setting on my central heating system.

I have a Valliant Combi boiler, with the eRelax/vSmart Thermostat.

I have the App on my phone, as does my wife, and on an iPad.

I have the timings for the Heating coming on at 8am to 9am, and 6pm to 10pm, seven days a week. The heat is set to 20 degrees on all days.

Nevertheless the heating comes on each night around 9.00 pm at 21. 5 degrees, as though it is a manual set point.

I have uninstalled the App on all devices, and reinstalled, but the problem is still occurring.

The Advanced Settings are ….

Default Duration of Manual Setpoints
1 hour 0 mins

Force a Temp Offset
0.0 degs C

Heating Algorithm

More Info
Minimal heating time

2 mins

Heating Prediction

Your type of heating

Heating Curve

Domestic Hot Water
50 degrees C

In the Timer section, it is set to Default

The At Home is set to 20 degrees and is set to ON

The Night is set to 15 degrees and is OFF

The Away is also set to 15 degrees and is also OFF

The System Mode is set to WINTER

As I have said previously, I have a “Ghost” heating period that come on at 21.5 degrees at 2100 hrs for one hour, each night.

When I look in the App at that time, it shows what appears to be a Manual Setpoint has been set, but neither my wife or me have pressed any buttons !

The past two nights the heating has kicked in at 21.5 degrees.

I hope you can sort this out for us, as we are getting rather warm !!

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