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We are installing solar power irrigation systems for smallholding farmers in Rural Ghana,

We have 12V DC 0.18kW (max 20A) pumps, there only power source will be a voltage varying from 15-20V coming from solar panels.

The boreholes are narrow, therefore is not much room for a float switch,

The max flow is 20 Litres per minute but more typical flows would be 5-10 liters a minute

Can anyone advise on flow or pressure switch solutions (I have done a google but I don't have experience in this area and am not confident myself)

Ideally, there would be no second power source or battery needed, and the solution should be as low-cost as possible. something under £20 per unit for 20 units would be ideal.

(It's a charity project replicating 20 units - so cost is important)

let me know if i missed out any key info

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