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Hello all

Bit of a problem I’d like advice on. My kitchen waste pipe discharges into a pipe going to my rainwater soakaway. It unsurprisingly became blocked but a lot of prodding with drain rods and throwing some enzyme type stuff down there seems to have cleared it.

There’s no slope to take the waste pipe to the nearest inspection chamber (about 5m away and slightly uphill). The soil pipe from the toilet to my septic tank does however pass underground about 1 m away from the end of the kitchen waste pipe with a good enough slope for the kitchen waste water to flow away easily.

Photo shows rainwater drainpipe coming down at bottom right, next to kitchen drainpipe going across and incorrectly discharging into waterlogged drain (before I cleared it). I’d like the drain pipe to be extended and discharging into the ceramic pipe (just visible at top left of hole).soil pipe.jpg

I'm looking to find someone in Cornwall to estimate for drilling a hole into the ceramic soil pipe and connecting the plastic kitchen waste pipe into it. I’ve emailed one drainage contractor but they don’t seem interested, possibly because they’d want to put another inspection chamber in. I’m not keen on this because it would be very close to the house front door. I’d prefer to instead just cover it with some gravel and a piece of slate to protect it.

Any thoughts? I'd appreciate it if someone could take it on (please PM me - I hope that's ok), but I'm not sure how many people will be in Cornwall.



Gas Engineer
Are you sure that’s a soakaway? Looks like a gulley.


Yes sorry , difficult to see from the photograph.

At the bottom right is the water from roof & kitchen that discharges into the soakaway through an underground pipe that goes approximately below the long thin piece of grey slate heading to the bottom left. The pipe is a good 20m long as I've had the whole length of the drain rods down there.

Above the water and to the left is the hole I dug to expose the small bit of ceramic soil pipe that you can just see going from top right to middle left, which I'm hoping to run the smaller white plastic kitchen waste pipe into.

Is that what you meant? (I'm also finding what the photograph shows difficult to describe)

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