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Hi guys,

I am a DIYer and have recently bought a house. under the kitchen sink is a bit of a mess and I'd like to have a go myself. I have done some basic plumbing before and all I really want to do is move the waste closer to the wall and sort out the 'Ball of String' that is my hot and cold.

I intend to use JG Speedfit stuff but I don't recognise the stuff they have used before. How do I disassemble all this (Apart from a hacksaw)? I'm going to reuse the Copper pipe for the external tap and the small pieces of copper pipe for the Hot and Cold taps.

Thanks in advance,

One of my girls has the yellow type pushfit in her place. Comes apart just like any other pushfit, depress collar and off you go.


Gas Engineer
It's actually JG Speedfit but the original fittings, they've just yellowed with age - they must be about 20 years old. They have a protective cap over the locking ring. If you pull this back it'll just be like a normal speedfit release ring. Hope that explains it clear enough.
Thanks everyone for your replies. Sorted it yesterday. Worked as advertised, depressed the push for and off it came. I kept the flexi’s for the taps.
Thanks for everyone’s help 84D8815E-2DD1-4578-9C22-C4B5DFA4D52C.jpeg

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